Usenet newsgroups have been with us for about 20 years, and despite the proliferation of the web, and of various other fora, are still a major source of information on subjects wide and diverse. Like e-mail, news is broken up into functions, but for most people, all you need is the newsreader. For most of you, your ISP will provide access to a newsserver.
I use SLRN, another text based client like mutt. Again, slrn lacks the eye candy of programs like FreeAgent or newswatcher. But like mutt, the primitive looking interface is a lot more powerful than appearances would dictate. SLRN has the ability to filter news based on just about any criteria. far beyond what FreeAgent or the Outlook newsreader can accomplish. But if you prefer the GUI way of dealing with text based subjects like news.
I've wrote a little patch against slrn- to overwrite the default "User-Agent" - String. The patch can be found here.

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