Mailfilter, by Andreas Bauer, is one of the simplest of these tools, but is remarkably effective when set up right. It's essentially a command-line POP3 mail client whose only job is to kill spam. It connects to your POP account, compares the headers on waiting messages to its configurable list of rules, and deletes messages accordingly -- before your e-mail client even downloads it. You don't have to change any settings in your e-mail client or on the server where your POP account resides.
Mailfilter connects to any POP mail box and compares part of its content to a set of user defined filter rules. That way the spam gets deleted directly on the mail server.
[dope@painless:~]% wc -l ~/.mailfilterrc ~/.mailfilter/deny-*~*,v
     151 /home/dope/.mailfilterrc
    1366 /home/dope/.mailfilter/deny-from
      93 /home/dope/.mailfilter/deny-misc
      12 /home/dope/.mailfilter/deny-received
     288 /home/dope/.mailfilter/deny-subjects
    1910 total

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