Some (quick and dirty) hacks

File Name:_wmi
Description: Completion for WMI
File Size:148
MD5 Checksum:bbb3a36c0e07ba27742561aefab2456c

File Name:_wmiremote
Description: Completion for wmiremote
File Size:570
MD5 Checksum:bbb3a36c0e07ba27742561aefab2456c

File Name:_aterm
Description: Completion for Aterm
File Size:1963
MD5 Checksum:9d344ff6fc84de14fa4e1c02255f1f72

File Name:_slrnpull
Description: Completion for Slrnpull
File Size:945
MD5 Checksum:cbcc244cade0d7854b250dfb39ff15b9

File Name:rfc.zsh
Description: Search and read (local) RFCs
File Size:1098
MD5 Checksum:6647039bef54c5842ac3b01e1a91e496

Description: Create a "np: <song>" or "np: nothing" - Line (need Xmms).
File Size:625
MD5 Checksum:544770e149a5576a03a455a9529a836a

Description: create a simple statistic (for Mailfilter)
File Size:1311
MD5 Checksum:ee656d9726d507a3cb999e0e9a20d332

Description: Upgrading OpenBSD
File Size:4549
MD5 Checksum:cc4668f664209afb7b5aace14e868b02

File Name:fnord.awk
Description: Search for links in a directory and format the output
File Size:1114
MD5 Checksum:ec733d48f8d641d29821c3816edea1d6

Description: Blind out this fucking GPG-strings (use it with Mutt)
File Size:462
MD5 Checksum:c368d5962b59fce2fd9c07043ab0fff5

Description: Display the permissions in octal from given file
File Size:1013
MD5 Checksum:bea98e8406d6fe478bfa0074dfc8fb84

Description: Clean your disk :>
File Size:706
MD5 Checksum:e44c52d586672b6c0fc95395657bab02

Description: Create a random signature.
File Size:1855
MD5 Checksum:b156095768ee9e971eae5c48b6350f46

Description: Creates a random user-agent - string (for w3m)
File Size:3550
MD5 Checksum:313b5db3a9ce9f371f279c1a0aef0e1e

Description: show the current time in the specified timezone or geographic zone
File Size:2806
MD5 Checksum:2c18b3a28776cd176c1e5891d50a4737

Description: replacement for 'killall' (*BSD doesn't have this :/)
File Size:1736
MD5 Checksum:782d6631f7d3e78429f001175a4a27cb

File Name:tree
Description: Display all files/directories like pstree
File Size:2083
MD5 Checksum:162fe3a75369dd0812d167c2963f46ab

Description: Replace foo with bar in given files
File Size:841
MD5 Checksum:0213248bd2f91958fc3f96f1dd33cf4c

File Name:${HOME}/.sigquotes
Description: Signature File (included my "FAQ" ;-)) used by
File Size:332687
MD5 Checksum:9a7f53d02316aa2b23ac5527b1292eef

File Name:get-ip-from-mac.c
Description: Get ip-address from MAC address
File Size:5905
MD5 Checksum:0213248bd2f91958fc3f96f1dd33cf4c

Description: Colorize "tail -f /var/log/messages"
File Size:3739
MD5 Checksum:addd08ba71bb13aa9caca150d6a01a0b

File Name:slrn-
Description: See my ~/.slrnrc for details.
File Size:1989
MD5 Checksum:3bd570b4aa89f5e63679355154f6f838

File Name:rm-replacements.shar
Description: secure replacements for /bin/rm (with undelete). See source for details.
File Size:4870
MD5 Checksum:5c8ea42e61887fdb2df7e00553f2831f

File Name:howto
Description: The "howto" script tries to find howto-files and FAQs, .. See source for details.
File Size:1052
MD5 Checksum:2bb632c70073484b68df432d734de2c2

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