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About me and this fucking page

You actually want to know more about me? Well hell, I'd better make with the autobiography. My full, official, completely not madeup name is Christian Schneider. Computers have always been a pretty important part of my life. For better or for worse, I've been playing with computers since around '85. Or maybe before, I can't remember exactly. I believe my first computer was a TI-99/4A given to me by my brother. Somewhere along the line my dad bought our first "modern" computer at home, a 386 DX 33 MHz... Gone a long way since then.
In Fall of ~94, I was introduced to this "new" operating system by my neighbour. I started using linux (Slackware) then, and my liking of *nix OS' has grown from there. I primarily use NetBSD or OpenBSD on my servers, and Slackware on my desktops. At one point or another, I've used (and administrated) Linux (Debian, Slackware, RedHat, SuSe, many other distributions as well as other Unices like SunOS, IRIX, AIX and HP-UX. I speak English, et je sais parler franšais, una peque˝a espa˝aewsr, eniachŕ ellada, priliŔno namirnica srpski and German. Since 2006 have been working as a freelance IT consultant focusing mainly on the area of IT security and Linux/Unix. This (my own personal site) will be hosted by Neessen Webhosting (Winfried Neessen is a Linux/Perl/ HTML/CSS and PHP - guru)
In any event.. this appallingly piece of HTML code was created with VIM under Slackware and OpenBSD. The clean design this requires also means that text only browsers such as Lynx cope very well with this site. It really is best viewed with any browser., because this page (like almost all other) are W3C conformable. For more informations about me, send beer, pizza, money and willed sluts!!!11!


Responsible for contents:
Christian Schneider
Donauweg 2
93102 Geisling/Pfatter

Phone +49 9481/959331
Fax   +49 9481/959335
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